Mark & Ellen - Build and Demonstrate 

the Tytron Scanners !


Using the new Delta Hybrid option for displaying scans 


This may direct one's focus to view the LEFT and RIGHT direct temperatures (DT's) when the color bursts are showing BILATERAL  temperature deviations that are so equal they wouldn't be obvious in the center bargraph or line graph!

Look at the actual LINE graph in the third box.  The YELLOW delta line does not look like "pattern" compared to the first two scans BUT the LEFT and RIGHT DT's at around C-3 were all more pronounced than their difference.


 Here are the actual line graphs showing the LEFT and RIGHT DT's:


Since both LEFT and RIGHT sides of the spine were "off" in the same direction, the middle line graph didn't look very "suspicious" or "in pattern" - a good reminder to always compare all three displays.  Adding color to the DT's accents bilateral patterns beautifully! 

TRAINING NEW DOCTORS (And maintaining your own skill and speed)

This new adjustment simulator will allow you to practice your adjusting techniques with a visual graph of force vs. time.  Perfect for training new interns and keeping yourself "up to speed"!





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