You can send in your C3000 or C4000 in and we can do a conversion to a C5000 USB plug and play scanner.

No more port settings, converters, AC adapters or heavy coil cords!

Call Titronics today to see what special price we can do for you! 



      "I just bought my scanner from another doctor,

what do I do next?"

If you have just purchased or are about to purchase a used TyTron Scanner from another doctor there are some things you will need to be aware of;

Before buying the scanner give us a call for an accurate device ownership history.

There is a one time charge (Transfer Fee) for this service of transferring scanner documentation from doctor to doctor.

Call in to find out the information about transfers... 1800-705-2307

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Chris has been working on yet another update on the new Tytron 2.2 software.

Break Line feature;

When you are in a patient scan screen, hit “L”on your keyboard. Take the mouse and “click” on the points (up to 20) where you want the lines at and then hit “L” again. That patient will then have their lines saved into their file.
The H key toggles between the screen showing the lines and not showing them.  

 Daily Reports;

With the latest version of the Tytron software( you can now print Daily Reports. This will print a list of every patient that was scanned on a specified day. The button for this feature is at the upper right side of the Home Screen.


*REMINDER* The Tytron needs to be sent into Titronics every 5-10 years for routine maintenance (clean and calibration) to ensure that the device is operating properly


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Ease of use!

Software with a true low learning curve that lets you dive in and get started right away.

Superior patient education!

Choose from many different graphical displays to discover what presentation works best for an individual patient to grasp chiropractic.

Personalized graphical displays!

For the first time your patients will be able to see their progress and walk away with a hard copy of their graphs.

Wellness care!

A historical look at the patients graphs allows the patients to see the positive effect chiropractic has on their health and well being.