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From Dr. Herbert Schraw - Toledo, Ohio

I graduated Chiropractic college in 1978. I have always used analytical
instrumentation. When first in practice I used a Nervo-O-Scope then NCM 
followed by Thermascribe. I also used I found all to be beneficial and clinically 
important. They were all wonderful tools that helped me to deliver quality 
Chiropractic care. 

I recently purchased the Titron 7000 and can not state enthusiastically enough
how much I like this instrument. This is the finest clinical instrument I have 
ever used. Not only is it a great tool for the doctor to be able to deliver higher 
quality care but it is also a wonderful patient education tool.



I am of the generation that is severely technology challenged and the support I received from Titronics was a Godsend and they made everything easy with the setup ... can't thank them enough.

Simply put... Thank you Roger and all those at Titronics for producing such a fine instrument and giving the Chiropractic profession a wonderful tool to deliver a better adjustment for the benefit of the patient.


Herbert B. Schraw BS,DC"


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