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4th of July Special -

Take 240 years, Oops,  (I mean dollars) off the price of upgrading an older Tytron to a C-5000!  Enjoy a 25% discount on a C-5000 or Bluetooth scanner.*  

CALL 800 705 2307 extension 1 for details

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 Infant Scanners now available.**

 The history of the United States of America is so unique in many aspects.  If you have an interest in the Civil War, please e-mail me (roger@titronics.com) with your address and I will send you my daughter Nora's book on the Booth Brothers and the story behind the rivalry that led to an American tragedy. Go to 


for her 1 hour video lecture where she covers many of the unknown facts that were never brought out before.  - Roger Titone

 * July 4th offer good until 7/30/16

** If you already own a Tytron - you may add an infant scanner for 1/2 price

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