Factory C-5000 Scanner Upgrades

(we have 2 available )


The Upgraded C-5000 comes with the same warranty as a new scanner and latest software with new color displays for patient education and the "wow!" effect at screenings.

Regular Price for a C-5000:   $4,995.00

UPGRADED C-5000   $3,495.00  

Call for no interest payment plans available through 9/1/17


Roger has also put together a collection of articles on Thermography as well as a digital only copy of a a very excellent booklet from Candian Memorial Chiropractic College titled "Segmental Neuropathy"  - e-mail request to:  for your free copies.  You will learn everything and more that you may never have been told about how important temperature graphs can be in guiding care in the most difficult cases  - and how help your patients understand the principle behind "wellness care" and the value of follow up checks.



Also check out our new adjustment simulators, parctice your adjusting techniques and see  a graph of pressure vs. time.  Perfect for training new interns and keeping yourself "up to speed"!





For more information please contact us at 800 705 2307  or 319 325 2702