C-3000 Field Calibration

Field Calibration of C-3000 and C-4000 Titronics Infrared Paraspinal Scanners

This procedure is for emergency “field calibration” only. It is not a replacement for a computerized calibration to traceable standards in the Titronics Temperature Controlled Calibration Lab.
The “field calibration” instructions allow you to safely change the Scale Factor 0 (SF 0) or Scale Factor 2 (SF 2) to bring back “balance” between the left probe (SF 0) or  the right probe (SF 2).
The Scale Factors (SF 0 and SF 2) for C-3000 and C-4000 scanners are found in the SETUP menu in the 4th TAB marked Scanner:


If center graph average is consistently “off” to the RIGHT – increase the GAIN of the LEFT channel by lowering the number in SF 0 window. If the center graph average is off to the left, conversely lower SF2. It is usually “dust” or dead skin that partially blocks a barrel – requiring an increase of gain to compensate. View cleaning instructions at www.titronics.com before changing these numbers 


If the DELTA T readings on several patients are all off to the LEFT,  reducing SF 2 (GAIN of the RIGHT channel) will actually bring up the RIGHT barrel temperature, and move the graph closer to center.  Reducing the number by 50 will increase the RIGHT barrel temperature reading by about 0.5 C – pushing the DELTA T graph closer to the center blue line.  If it pushes it too far, simply increase SF 2 a little.

Remember, centering the BAR GRAPH is easy, just go to SETUP and on the SCAN tab choose “CENTER BAR GRAPH” – yes
BAR GRAPH SCREEN: In the SETUP section of the software, tab 2 – SCANS – set “CENTER BAR GRAPH” choice to YES – this will equally splay bars on either side of center compensating for minor left or right offsets in line delta line graph window.