C-7000 Bluetooth QUICK START

How do you install the Tytron on your computer?

Make sure the scanner is charged and NOT plugged in.
Go to Device Manager to see if your computer has Bluetooth built in.
You can get to the Device Manager from the Scanner tab in Setup.

If Bluetooth IS built in

Go to Devices and Printers
Select Add device, select C7000-7XXXX
Use pairing code 2728
Wait for drivers to finish installing
Right click on C7000 and select Properties
Go to Services tab to see which port it is using
Go into the Tytron Software and select Setup
Go to Scanner tab and enable Serial Scanner 1 and enter the port number
Then plug in the scanner and use the Copy Calibration button to set the calibrations

If Bluetooth IS NOT built in to computer

Connect Bluetooth dongle, wait for drivers to load
Follow instructions as if Bluetooth is built in